TAVI Steering Committee

The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) Steering Committee meets quarterly. The Chair is elected by the Steering Committee and endorsed by the ACOR Board.

Steering Committee MembersPositionState
A/Prof Ajay SinhalChairSA
A/Prof Jayme BennettsCommittee MemberSA
Professor Ravinay BhindiCommittee MemberNSW
Dr Anthony CamugliaCommittee MemberQLD
Dr Robert GooleyCommittee MemberVIC
A/Prof David MullerCommittee MemberNSW
Prof Martin NgCommittee MemberNSW
Prof Darren WaltersCommittee MemberQLD
A/Prof Tony WaltonCommittee MemberVIC
Prof Robert WhitbournCommittee MemberVIC
Dr William WilsonCommittee MemberVIC
Dr Gerald YongCommittee MemberWA