Access to ACOR TAVI Data

ACOR TAVI Registry contributors may submit a request for access to de-identified ACOR data for the purposes of research or scientific investigation.
A formal application must be submitted to ACOR for review by the TAVI Research & Publications Committee (RPC).

All requests must first be directed to the ACOR Project Officer by emailing
Participating ACOR sites can access their own hospital data directly from the ACOR TAVI Database at any time.

Can I access ACOR TAVI Registry Data?
Requests can be made for de-identified data extracts for appropriate research relevant to cardiovascular disease and related clinical outcomes. All data requests are formally reviewed by the ACOR TAVI Research & Publications (RPC) Committee.

Please note that individual hospitals have direct access to their own data at all times and do not need to submit a formal application.

How can I request access to ACOR TAVI Data?
There is a formal review process for all applications and all applications for ACOR data must conform to the conditions set out in the ACOR Data Access Policy.
Click here for the application.
Applications must be sent to and are reviewed quarterly.

What is the process to request access to ACOR TAVI data?
1. To begin, please email and liaise with the ACOR Project Officer
2. ACOR TAVI RPC committee meets and reviews the application
3. If the project is approved, applicants will be notified and local HREC approval must be obtained

Conditions of access to ACOR data
– Data released will never contain identifying information for hospitals, clinicians or patients.
– All data requests must adhere to the ACOR Publications Policy and TAVI Data Access and User Agreement, including a confidentiality agreement.
– Additional requests from new researchers to collaborate on previously released ACOR data must be reviewed by the RPC.