Cardiac Procedures Registry

Aims of the Cardiac Procedures Registry

  • Collect and report on a standard set of clinically relevant information from all patients undergoing specific cardiac procedures and therapies within hospitals in Australia and New Zealand
  • Provide uniform data collection of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI), pacing and device practice
  • Provide information for comparison of clinical practice in Australia and potentially other countries
  • Information to be reported back to hospitals and clinicians providing an auditing facility


ACOR is an initiative of

which recognises the critical value of a national clinical cardiovascular quality registry incorporating quality, safety and appropriateness outcomes.


formed ACOR with the purpose to supervise the development of national clinical quality cardiovascular registries. Although ACOR runs as a separate entity from the Society, ACOR acts in collaboration with
to draw on expert advice from the
to optimise clinician support and engagement.

ACOR has a Board of Directors responsible for legal compliance, financial responsibilities and the strategic direction of the registries. Each Registry has a Steering Committee comprised of senior clinicians in a leadership role with the relevant specialty group together with stakeholders such as the Heart Foundation, community and consumer representatives. The Steering Committee Chair is nominated by the ACOR Board.

CPR Steering Committee

Professor John Beltrame
CADOSA (Coronary Angiogram Database of South Australia) Representative

Professor David Brieger
Chair, ACOR Steering Committee

Professor Alex Brown
Past Chair, CSANZ Indigenous Health Council

Dr James Cameron
Chair, ACOR Board

Professor Derek Chew
CSANZ Clinical Trials Representative

Professor Robyn Clark
CSANZ Cardiovascular Nursing Council Representative

Mrs Barbara Copus
Interventional Nursing Representative

Professor John French
Immediate Past Chair, CSANZ Clinical Trials Council

Dr Paul Garrahy
QCOR (Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry) Representative

A/Prof Paul Gould
Chair, CSANZ Australian and New Zealand Cardiac Device Advisory and Complication Committee

Ms Tanya Hall
Consumer Representative

Professor Richmond Jeremy
Past President, CSANZ, Chair CSANZ CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Committee

Ms Catherine Katz
Director, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)

Dr Andrew Kerr
Clinical Leader, Northern Regional Cardiac Network and member of National Clinical Cardiac network - New Zealand

A/Prof Andrew MacIsaac
Past President, CSANZ

Professor Andrew McGavigan
Chair, CSANZ Electrophysiology and Pacing Council

Dr Jamie Rankin
Representative, Western Australia

Dr James Stewart
Chair, CSANZ Interventional Council and Convenor of ANZET (Australian and New Zealand Endovascular Therapies)

A/Prof Stuart Thomas
Immediate Past Chair, CSANZ Electrophysiology and Pacing Council

CPR Data Collection Forms

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